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Amidst evolving consumer and investor needs for high value opportunities, the joint venture between Location3 Investments and V&V group emerges as a force with unrivaled growth potential. With adaptability at its foundation, these companies have demonstrated a remarkable track record. Their consistent production of unique investment theses, their profound comprehension of economic cycles, risk management focused on growth and an innate ability to attract capital make them formidable warriors in the industry.  

Established as a prominent force in Peru V&V is a leading development, construction and sales & marketing conglomerate in Peru with an impressive record of 35 years of experience. Since its inception in 2008, Location3 Investments has emerged as a distinguished US based real estate private equity firm, consistently demonstrating a commitment to excellence.

As a formidable alliance, they have combined their strengths to deliver a comprehensive solution that encompasses every facet of the industry. From market studies, seamless development processes to a strategic emphasis on fund raising through a network of finders, funds, and friends & family.









To become beacons of light for all those who collaborate with us or entrust us with their investments. We aspire to accompany them generating substantial value at every step of the process. With unwavering dedication and support for our stakeholders, we will work to foster an environment of trust, transparency and expertise, seeking to ensure sucess and sustainable profit.

Business areas

At the heart of Vertical Developments lie these core pillars that span out across the entire development spectrum enabling the company to uncover hidden potential, capitalize on emerging trends, and mitigate challenges. This holistic approach ensures a profound understanding of the industry coupled with an unparalleled analysis of opportunities and risks. A solid framework is established that encompasseses market research, meticulous planning and execution, and diligent risk assessment.


VYV Grupo Inmobiliario | PERU

Based in Lima the group withholds an impeccable track record of finding valuable real estate opportunities for their clientele. Their expertise stretches out from plans to construction stages. They are renowned for their focus on detail and excellence both in the interior and exterior of the assets.

VYV Bravo constructora | PERU

Construction excellence achieved through exemplary architects and engineers that unite to provide a comprehensie service. They are national leaders that seek to stand out through project diversification.


VYV performance | PERU

A myriad of services including advisory for attractive investment opportunities overseas, swift and secure land transaction guidance for profitable and secure real estate investments, and commercial services for selling properties.




Navigation of the regulatory landscape, revising complex legal documents to ensure full compliance with current applicable laws according to territory, including permits and licenses.



Private equity

Extensive knowledge of the international real estate market, proven analytical dexterity and execution capabilities that allow an orchestration of successful capital raising campagins through finders. This area focuses on securing the necessary financial resources for projects. The company possesses solid banking, capital and lending relationships across Florida, nationally and internationally.

Sales & marketing

After thorough market research and analysis begins the strategic planning to effectively position properties, promoting the projects, implementing marketing initiatives and generating stir amongst potential buyers and investors. Many of these deals are possible due to the strong local relationships the company built over the years allowing it to capitalize on off market transactions.






To capture above-market risk-adjusted returns by identifying and capitalizing on supply and demand imbalances in different sectors of the real estate industry.

To uncover lucrative opportunities through astute analysis and market insights.

To leverage expertise and comprehensive understanding of market dynamics to foresee economic cycles and take advantage of growth opportunities.

To partner with best-in-kind local vendors and developers, that allow us to become trailblazers in new markets.

To forge a synergistic ecosystem that attracts a diverse array of capital sources

To cultivate an expansive network that allows us to access off-market opportunities and ambitious investment deals.

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To keep a nimble and execution-minded philosophy to respond quickly to opportunities.

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To employ a forward thinking approach that uncovers innovative exit strategies that maximize profitability and mitigate risk.

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To stay committed to adapting to market conditions and seeking projects that drive long-term value and yield exceptional results.

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To emphasize investment strategies rooted in property level of operations to enhance asset performance



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